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International Directory of Toy Importer Distributors

Identify nearly 800 leading importer-distributors and check which ones are most appropriate to sell your range. By looking at which brands and categories they sell already and if they do TV advertising, focus your search on the most suitable prospective partners.

In some countries there are hundreds of companies of many different types, which import and distribute toys. Any definition of a distributor is bound to be arbitrary, depending on issues such as who owns design rights, who owns machine tools, whether a manufacturing licence is involved etc. The companies listed in this directory are classified into four categories to help readers identify what type of company they should contact when they seek a business partner. Many of the listed companies are manufacturers which also import and sell branded toys for other manufacturers. Here are the category definitions:

Exclusive Importer-Distributor of well known brands

These are companies which import and sell branded toys for other manufacturers. They buy the product, warehouse, and sell on. In most cases they have the exclusive rights for their country.

Licensee of character properties

These are companies which have a license for a particular category for a particular character license. They either arrange manufacture themselves, or buy from another licensee in another country.

Importer-Distributor of open merchandise

These companies import and sell products without any territorial exclusivity.

Sales agency

These companies sell on commission and do not handle goods. The orders are processed and shipped directly from manufacturer to retailer.

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